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A careful archaeology of the catalogue of innocence assembled by a youthful imagination blossoming during World War II. Date: A composition of daily riffs during an autumn in Denmark and Italy; an album of verbal portraits by a husband and wife who see differently; and a series of tributes to other writers on special occasions. The recent deaths of her father and several friends at the time of a trip to Egypt have led the author to write about the essential relation between language and death. The body is here fetishized by the creative power of desire to the point where the love of perfection crosses the boundaries of gender and polity.

An exuberant commentary on the timelessness of digital information and our ravenous, insatiable appetite for data and connection. Date: 5. Here is Weyman Chan at his most fiercely ironic, tracing a lineage he interprets subconsciously and through the intricacies of its raw genetic material, with keenly biting language that echoes the rhythms of Qu Yuan in contemplation of his own mortality beside the flowing waters of impermanence:.

I would prefer to jump into the river and be entombed in the stomachs of fishes than to bow while purity is defiled by vulgar pestilence. Short-listed ReLit Awards, poetry category. She tracks two otters at the Vancouver Aquarium who became famous for holding hands and were watched by millions on YouTube prompting us to meditate upon the media frustum through which we construct emotional realities.

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Cosmophilia translates multiple glittering facets of Muslim culture into, and reflects back from, the immediacy of embodied, urban Canadian experience. Allusive, playful multilingual imagery inhabits long narrative meditations, free-form couplets, and the traditional ghazal, in elegiac or sharply satirical moods. A collection of prose poems on the hyperbolic absurdities of multiculturalism in action.

If language is an index of belonging, then Decompositions is the writing of an exile, a tribe of one. For Belford, poetry is a social process that explores linguistic and political particulars from a gaze that is opposite to the shelters of convention, the academy, the city, or the south. It is a writing that rules out the anticipation and doubt of traditional narrative.

These are not safe poems, they resist more than they assure.

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Proposes a social self that is able to recognize the ironies and restrictions we live in without returning to a garrison mentality. In this quick-witted collection of poems, Nikki Reimer mines the language of new media — hashtags, YouTube comments, Twitter updates — to defamiliarize the very substance of modern life: the constellation of media-enforced ideals that barrage our newsfeeds, daily commutes to work, and mostly online excursions to the Apple store.

Date: 8. By drawing on ship records, nautical maps, passenger manifests, and the rich, detailed record of the Komagata Maru , Dulai demonstrates how the incident encapsulates a broader narrative of migration throughout the New World. Short-listed Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. An active multiple streaming of apparently disparate sources: astronomy; theoretical cosmology and quantum physics; and the literary and visual arts. Short-listed Alberta Writer's Guild Award.

This long poem blends and bends the lyric, procedural poetry, the travelogue and extended forms. Dwell lives in, or dwells on, the interaction of a restless subjectivity with the seemingly transparent, yet identifiable, social codes that encase us. Winner Bumbershoot Most Adventurous Award. SEMA , unit of meaning: i. Sound recordings, surveillance cameras, desert geoglyphs, drone operators, refugee interviews, animal imprints, and audio signals manifest moments of inspired wonder, systems of power, slippages, debris. Among its widely diverse poetic forms, the book constructs odes, elegies, sonnets and long poem sequences, as Norris travels from Maine to Santo Domingo, from Phnom Penh to Montreal, and from the shorelines of the Caribbean to the banks of the Mekong River.

That is, new stars had since been found, though sometimes they were only streetlights, mistaken. Anahita Jamali Rad deals with the stuff of everyday life: work and sex, friendship, and love. Starting with the lyric statement as a point of interrogation, Fortified Castles asks what might cause a retreat into the comforting walls of the self.

It is the traditional territory….

This poetry collection focuses on a hybridized Indigiqueer Trickster character named Zoa who brings together the organic the protozoan and the technologic the binaric in order to re-beautify and re-member queer Indigeneity. Why is it often so difficult to stay present in the moment? Poet Sachiko Murakami asked this question in an open call on the Internet, and in airports across the globe, from YVR Vancouver to RKV Reykjavik , people in transit stopped to note in only one sentence their impressions of things, events, people, and feelings.

The poems that result from this experiment in crowd-sourcing content search departures and arrivals for a handhold on the fleeting present. Working within and wriggling out of the formal constraint of fourteen lines, Get Me Out of Here explores what poems need to do to stay when the mind is begging to leave. Unifying this book is the persona of the lover: as an intimate; as an interruption of the determinative self; as an unattainable weightlessness; and as the gravitational pull of the landscape itself.

One hundred poems of love and betrayal—all in the unmistakable McFadden style.

For All of Us, One Today: An Inaugural Poet's Journey

Date: 7. Alienation arises from all the failed language-registers of our technocratic society, which continue to defy our powers of decryption.

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Instead, read these poems. The idea for this book, says Weyman Chan, is simple—approach the world as metaphor, and it will come to you. The poems in this collection respond to the…. In emotive and yet wryly unsentimental tones, John-Kehewin lends her voice to many forms of suffering that surround enforced loss of culture, addressing topics such as alcohol addiction, familial abandonment, religious authority, sexual abuse, and the pain of mourning for loved ones.

John-Kehewin does not spare herself when relating her own stories, even as she tells the stories of others that are so like her own, admonishing humanity for its lack of conscience in poems that journey from the turmoil of the Gaza Strip to rapidly dissolving ice floes …. Winner Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize. The surprise in reading the Hours and the recent lyrics side by side is that the two endeavors have nearly all the same virtues. Of not allowing what happened to happen. Yet half-light, coming from Bidart, is never an insufficiency. Ignorant fish, who even wants the fly while writhing.

The sleepless body hammering a nail nails itself, hanging crucified. Ask the crucified hand that holds the nail that now is driven into itself, why.

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Premiering all those innovations at once, the first lines of Golden State introduced us to the fictional Herbert White, child killer and necrophiliac: When I hit her on the head, it was good, and then I did it to her a couple of times,— but it was funny,—afterwards, it was as if somebody else did it … Everything flat, without sharpness, richness or line. Or not.

Without justice or logic, without sense, you survived. You betray us is blazoned across each chest. To each eye as they pass: You betray us. Jamuqa pulled a blanket over himself and Temujin. They lay all night under the same blanket. For either to have expressed desire, to have reached, would have been to offer the object of desire power. It could not be done. We lay in parallel furrows. I say I knew you knew. Zaffar is a joy to read. This even-handed approach to the life of the mind and the life of the world eerily exposes the way that every encounter, whether mundane or fantastic, involves the complex psychologies of two or more people scheming, performing, battling, hurting and wanting.

He also published his fifth collection of poetry, The Triumph of Cancer. Anomaly by Jamie McKendrick Faber. Anomaly is an elegant, cosmopolitan collection, a citizen of the world that despite its linguistic self-assuredness never takes the opportunities of that world for granted. There is, already, a sense of elegy and admonishment, that McKendrick is resentful of the borders that restrict movement, of toxic flags, of expired empire. How many ways are there to damage a man? Emotional repression.

Toxic masculinity. Drug use and withdrawal. Lack of money.

Gaius Valerius Catullus

Lack of attention. Lack of anything to do. Working Class Voodoo is the closest a book of poetry has ever come to the feeling of being completely immersed in the full-blown adrenaline-flood of an episode. There is an achieving stability here as well, but it is a painful process, and it leaves scars.

Dear Gay People -- Spoken Word

How beautiful they are too. Jinx by Abigail Parry Bloodaxe. Jinx is packed with intricate and delicious language; it delights in wordplay and in the savour of syllables. And play again. Feral by Kate Potts Bloodaxe. The images are always arresting and Potts has a skill for turning the everyday and familiar into something unique and freshly coined.

This collection reverberates with overlapping waves of physical detail of the things we miss a thousand times a day, contrary thoughts, and passages that become haphazard, twisted, hardscrabble, ingrowing. The force with which Ramlochan writes is astonishing, the anger and bravery of these poems often leaving me breathless. Rabbit by Sophie Robinson Boiler House.

A virtuoso book, uncovering, recovering, and examining the pains and concerns of self-isolation, desire, shame, sex, relationships and false standards in modern society. These poems have an outstanding ear for the ways in which we hurting ourselves as a way to let out the aggression in us.