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Identifying its themes and methods thus constitutes a first step towards the clarification of the origins and articulation of the historical memory they helped to create, which still survives, in many ways unchanged, to the present day.

The Issue of Rhythm, Metre, Rhyme in Poet-Translators

Memorie militari delle campagne Roma: Casa Ed. Libraria Romana. Currey : Le ragioni di una sconfitta Roma-Bari: Laterza. DORE, G. FAZI, L. Delitto, genio, follia. Scritti scelti Milano: Bollati Boringhieri. Milano: Mazzotta. Il caso italiano Messina: Sicania. Istituto Orientale di Napoli. Immagine e propaganda nelle fotografie e nelle illustrazioni del primo colonialismo italiano", Archivio Fotografico Toscano 8: Curtis New York: Pantheon Books.

Scorribande fisiognomiche Genova: Il Melangolo. Etiopia Torino: Gruppo Ed. MORI, A. Roma: "L'Universelle" Imprimerie Polyglotte. La rappresentazione dell'Africa nella prima fotografia coloniale italiana", in C. Napoli, Ph. Paesaggi, strutture, uomini del colonialismo Milano: Franco Angeli. Le ragioni di una sconfitta Bari: Laterza : Avvenimenti briganteschi in Basilicata Galatina: Ed. Milano: Treves. Regio Esercito, vol.

Get PDF Le ragioni dello sguardo (Italian Edition)

Forerunners of modern magazines, L'Illustrazione popolare addressed the Italian lower-middle class its cover price was 10 cents in the years considered here while the former from its foundation in , addressed the upper-middle class, who could afford the very expensive cover price of the weekly 50 cents the first issue, one lira at the time analysed here and who until then had preferred the prestigious British and French weeklies such as The Illustrated London News and L'Illustration.

See E. The anxiety is very great", the L'Illustrazione Italiana writes issue no. This publication, together with L'Illustrazione popolare, dedicated reports to the events in Africa which since the time of the massacre had only been illustrated, counting on the persuasiveness and propagandistic force of images. PALMA ; b; Abyssinian prisoner". All captions have been translated literally, keeping the original transcription of the nouns. Court-martial [On the case of four Hababs accused of treason]", Suleiman Mohamed Habab, sentenced to 20 years' forced labour for espionage, ". See A.

A scientist and above all a populariser, Lombroso was a skilful exploiter of the media of the times, newspapers and popular magazines, through which his theories were given a broad audience, offering what were to a certain extent reassuring views, providing definitive and "scientific" responses to crime and, consequently, to "morality". A critical anthology of Lombroso's writings is attempted by D. After the psychiatrist-anthropologist's death in his wondrously well-received theories did not survive him long, and it is quite significant that recently in Italy, with a resurgence in racism and the preconceptions of the Northern League in the League put forward the idea of measuring and recording the footprints of African immigrants , there has been fresh interest in the physiognomic pseudoscience that owes a lot to Lombroso's theories, with new authors bearing witness to renewed and symptomatic interest.

Una serie di linee guida opinionate per scrivere Sass sano, manutenibile e scalabile.

See K. See N. Because of its "leniency", this sentence was the subject of a parliamentary question to the War Minister. Chapter XXX of G. The cruelty of the military regime and of gaol conditions was such as to be immortalised in the verses of a Tigrai song, that goes: "A punishment you cannot forget [.

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A few admissions about the torture inflicted by Italians on prisoners emerged during the Livraghi scandal. The drawing is in G. L'Illustrazione popolare no. While the myth of Dogali was sanctioned at the altar concerning the Church's attitude and the attempt by the Depretis government to reconcile State and Church in the name of Dogali, see R. BATTAGLIA and fuel was added in schools, where poems such as "Rondinella di Dogali" were beginning to be learned, the process of demonising the enemy in the illustrated press gained force, with the aid of offensive rhymes.

Under the meaningful title "Nemesis" L'Illustrazione Italiana published six short and delirious poems dedicated "To fallen Italians in Africa", in which ras Alula was described as a "monstrous beast", "foul-smelling dog", "dirty demon in a human guise" see no. Signed by L. Lizio-Bruno, these poems were published with the same title by Castaldi in Caltanisetta in the same year.

Franzoi of Corriere di Roma, F. Similar decisions would be taken a few years later at the time of Adua. The commander of the garrison, general Saletta, offers an honorary sword to Kantibai, chief of the Hababs". This event was captured in the only photographic documentation of this sort taken by the Nicotra Brothers.

A few years later photographer Francesco Nicotra was to produce two images of the same kind devoted to the "Conference on the right of the Mareb" and to the "Reception of chiefs at Godofelassi". Scheik Mohamed Zebibi, great chief of Zula and Arafali", Greater information on the policy of alliances and taxation in the colony on the part of the first colonial administration is given in N. Bizzoni as Zibibi. His arrest, along with that of Hamed Hassan, is tied up with the abuses of power committed from to by the lawyer Eteocle Cagnassi, secretary of Colonial Affairs, and by lieutenant Dario Livraghi, head of the local police, whose name was to become famous for what was immediately described as a "livragazioni" policy, consisting in blackmail, abuse of power and indiscriminate killings BIZZONI ff.

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Accused of spying and sentenced to death, Mussa el-Akad was later freed by the investigating committee; Hamed Hassan died in prison before his case could be examined. Mussa el-Akad was a prominent Massawa personality deemed worthy of attention by the first colonial photographers.

There is a portrait of him by Francesco Nicotra, taken probably at the same time as photographs of other Italian allies. Later, however after his trial, it was re-sold with an "updated" caption proposing him as "Sajed Hassan Musa el Akad, sentenced to be executed by the Military Court of Massawa".

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In the same year Italian action was successful in Benadir, with the acquisition of the sultanates of Obbia and Mijerteyn. In this climate of renewed confidence, the Eritrean scandal had a destabilising effect for the government itself, which felt threatened by it. It is significant that in the illustrated press—always pro-government and colonialist in tone—illustrators returned to those "figures [of Africans] that can hardly be called human", which had for a long time been moulded in the collective imagery the expression quoted is taken from G.

Old fears, preconceptions and demonizations re-emerged as a mirror of the crisis and a useful distraction. In the same issue of L'Illustrazione Italiana which published the portrait and news of Hamed Hassan's "betrayal", the image of an obscure, wild and bloody Africa returned, where human sacrifices abounded, with two full-page engravings illustrating "Human sacrifices for the tributes festival" and "The people fighting for the victims' heads" in Dahomey no.

Il mito dell'America raccontato dagli artisti del 900 italiano

An accurate picture of the native events of the time is offered by B. TAFLA Many images of his collection date back to the final years of the 19 th century.

Still we suppose his name was Nazareno. See M. Quattrociocchi, in Eritrea with the first emergency mission of the Italian Red Cross in NB the sabre on the right side: the second [i. Bullettino illustrato, edited by E.

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A general biography is given in J. A more detailed analysis of his adhesion to the racist colonial ideology of the fascist regime is given in G. DORE Paolo Chiozzi examined his photographic production in more than one contribution; for all aspects see P.