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What does the future hold in store for a world where people are treated more and more like things, while the billions of gadgets that make up the Internet of Things are increasingly anthropomorphized, granted agency? In the summer of , a German artist, famous for having a past as cyberfeminist and a present as technofeminist, was invited to Stuttgart in the South of Germany, to create an exhibition dealing with issues of gender and technology as part of a large festival.

During her research, she got in touch with numerous fellow artists and activists, and in a process of collective realization, they found that the time has come, not for another exhibition, but for a global technofeminist upheaval.

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The key functions of a museum are the collection, presentation, preservation and education of cultural and artworks for the enjoyment of, and to educate, the public. This catalogue presents three perspectives that open up the potential of documentation as a method to generate new articulations and ways of understanding, thinking and performing. The book includes the recipes for LCD and Gorilla screen-glazes. See also Art styles and movements. Pre avant-garde Index of avant-garde and modernist magazines, Lettrist Ur.

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