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The storyline was good I felt the chemistry between Edward and Florence and it certainly had me hurrying through to get to the good stuff. There were only a couple It really is a shame that Emma Holly stopped writing historicals, because a good erotic historical is hard to come by. There were only a couple of words or phrases that made me snicker, lol. There is one sex scene at the very beginning of the book between the Hero and his mistress, but don't get concerned—the hero isn't a cheater.

Once he gives his heart to Florence, he remains faithful to her. On the whole an excellent read if you love historicals with a bit more steam than average. Jul 15, Abby rated it liked it Shelves: romance. Another steamy late-Victorian romance from Emma Holly. I liked this one a little less than Beyond Seduction , mostly because I just didn't connect with the heroine.

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A vicar's daughter, she was too good, too innocent, to "pure" to be much more than a Mary Sue. Holly describes the heroine so often as a ripe peach or plum that it made me want to swear off stone-fruit forever. However, the sex was steamy and the hero was hunky.

Beyond Innocence: US Political Prisoners and the Fight Against Mass Incarceration

A quick read, definitely entertaining, low on substance. Much like a peach. Apr 21, Huong rated it did not like it Shelves: skimmed. Lost interest after the 2nd chapter. Romance loses the 'romance' factor when the Hero shares a hot mindbending sex scene with his mistress in the 2nd chapter.


Nov 30, Aimee rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , own-it. I was in the mood for a good historical romance. I'm glad this is the one I picked up! Florence is a woman trying to make her way in life. She comes to London looking for a husband. When she's introduced to Freddie, it's like a dream come true There is so much I liked about this story. Normally, I get annoyed by historicals. They tend to be so cookie cutter.

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That's why I don't often read them. But this one had me engrossed after just a few pages. I was impressed with most of the I was in the mood for a good historical romance. I was impressed with most of the characters. I honestly liked Florence and Edward. I wanted them to be together. And Aunt Hypatia was great. I wish we could have seen more of Ms.

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Victoire, though. She seemed like she could have added another dimension to the story. I'll admit that, for Emma Holly, this one is rather tame.

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I believed it. I even got misty eyed at a few parts. It was a pleasant surprise from Ms. I was a fan before.

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But this one proves her diversity as a writer. I have Beyond Secuction on stand-by for my next historical fix. I'm interested to see how Merry fares in her own story! Dec 15, ChloeLeeNH rated it liked it. Interesting to see a gay character featured so promanently in a romance novel.

It didn't take away from the story at all. Wanted the story to be a bit more though. Jan 06, Camille rated it liked it Shelves: romance-regency , Florence's father dies so she travels to London to find a good husband to have a stable life. Edward's brother Freddie is gay and decides the best thing to do is to marry him off to Florence without her knowledge by stagging their introduction to avoid scandal.

Edward starts falling in love with Florence and now his plan is falling off track Err, this is a pretty standard romance novel but I will say it has some very steamy sex scenes Holly is rather graphic the last one starti Florence's father dies so she travels to London to find a good husband to have a stable life. Holly is rather graphic the last one starting on page - was a real dozy , which to be honest, I didn't mind at all. I really enjoyed this book as well Beyond Seduction. The hero is a bit of an ass but aren't all men?

Beyond Innocence

View 1 comment. May 13, NorthernLightsGirl rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the first book I have read of Emma Holly's. I really enjoyed it. Jun 08, SidneyKay rated it liked it Shelves: romance-regency , romance-victorian. Alert - Gigantic Girth and Growing. Yes little petunias, erotica or erotic or romantica or whatever, was not invented with 50 Shades of Grey. It's been around for eons - can anyone say Sappho. Lawrence, it's had a long and colorful existence. So when 50 Shades came along, I have to say I was a bit surprised that book seemed to be some kind of "new" thing.

Beyond 'Innocence': Amis Aboriginal Song in Taiwan as an Ecosystem

Romance novels have always had many sensuality levels and many authors who are exceedingly G. Romance novels have always had many sensuality levels and many authors who are exceedingly talented in writing "hot. Among that group is an author by the name of Emma Holly. Holly has been writing for quite a while; it appears her first book was written in She also has written mostly contemporary and even has a book with the interesting name of Velvet Glove. In and , she published two historical novels: Beyond Innocence and Beyond Seduction. I read both of them, and in I gave Beyond Innocence an A. Now we will explore that book again and see just what time has brought us. First of all I will say this: there isn't any of what I would call kinky stuff in this, no back-door deliveries, no triple plays, although there is a tie me up scene boy are they getting tiresome. Then I have to remember this was published 15 years ago before everyone was seeking out bedposts. Just because there isn't any kink-key stuff don't form the idea that there isn't anything hot in this book because there are lots and lots of really scorching delights to behold in Beyond Innocence.

Thank goodness there is also a plot line and some mighty fine narrative, because my eyes did start to glaze over after pages and pages of dippity-doo. Here's the plot. Freddie, the younger brother of our manly-man hero Edward, Earl of Greystowe, has been caught in a scandalous situation - with a footman. Now, being a man of his time Edward thinks it is all part of attending Eton and participating in some of their traditions. His mind does not want to accept that Freddie might be gay.

Edward loves his brother and decides the only way to hide the scandal is for Freddie to marry and marry right away. Enter Florence. Florence is really an innocent, almost too much of one. Any double entendres just go right over her head. I would have to say, she had a circle for a mouth - a perfect o, which in this book could come in handy. Florence is quickly taken in by Edward and his Aunt Hypatia as the perfect wife for Freddie. You see, he just cannot fight the overwhelming Timothy Toad activity which flares up alllll the time after he encounters Florence.

Eventually, he breaks it off with his mistress because he just doesn't feel good about their relationship - she does not take the break-up very well and viciously spreads more rumors about Freddie. So, hoping to have the rumors die down Freddie, Edward, Hypatia, and Florence vamoose to the countryside. The dynamics in this story were pretty interesting - we have three people - Edward, Freddie, and Hypatia - who are all using Florence for their own reasons.

Florence and Freddie develop a wonderful relationship, a close bond, but because Freddie is what he is the physical side to their relationship is null. Florence doesn't understand this and it makes her pretty insecure with her powers of attractiveness. On the other hand, Edward can't control his over-the-top obsession with Florence, so he comes off being rather abrupt and cold toward her, which she doesn't understand either.

Hypatia is constantly guiding her toward Freddie, but all the time Hypatia knows what a lie a marriage between Freddie and Florence would be. So, when Florence's blinders are finally ripped off it is heart-rending and very dramatic scene, it's painful to watch.